Amazing Audiobooks - Audiobook deals for under $15,

What do we mean by Amazing Audiobooks?

We have sifted through the current audiobooks at and selected only those that can be purchased for $15 or less and have at least 10 ratings from listeners, with a four-star average or higher. Additionally, for audiobooks with less than 50 ratings, we personally sample the audiobook to assure high-quality production standards before posting.

Many of these selections, available at, are specially priced when combined with the purchase of an eBook, so you get two ways to enjoy your reading experience for a great price. Amazon’s Whispersync technology allows you to move seamlessly between reading your Kindle books and listening to Audible narration in the Kindle App by simply tapping your supported Kindle device.

Learn how to load the Kindle App with Whispersync at Amazon.